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Precautions when the Event Tent encounters snow
 Dec 28, 2022|View:541

Winter has arrived, and in addition to the cold weather, snow has started to fall in many areas. But some areas will easily form snow due to the snowfall increase. Although the Event Tent has a certain snow-carrying capacity, as long as more than the limit value is still easy to collapse, it is easy to bring certain losses to our lives and property. To avoid such things happening must be timely processing, Event Tent top snow, we summarized the following points:

Event Tent

(1) before the arrival of heavy snow, the Event Tent reinforcement treatment and check whether the way of fixing the tent is solid.

(2) air conditioning heating principle.

Event Tent indoor use air conditioning, heaters, and other heating equipment to increase the temperature inside the tent so that the top of the snow is melting. If it is a joint row of tents, melting snow to reach the gutter, to make the gutter water not freeze, can be added to the top of the gutter antifreeze.

(3) High-pressure fan to remove snow.

Only applicable to the snow is not large, with no formation of frozen snow use. This is only applicable to early use.

(4) Sprinkle snow-melting agent. The purpose of sprinkling salt is to reduce the freezing point of snow water, making it difficult for snow water to form ice.

(5) Manual snow clearing on the top and bottom of the canopy.

(6) High-pressure water gun snow removal.

High-pressure water gun snow removal is only applicable to outdoor temperatures and is high when the snow is thin. The snow is thicker with the second method will make the snow not clean and form a variety of hidden problems.

The above is about when the Event Tent encounters some preventive measures of snow. If you need a more detailed understanding, welcome to contact us!