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Take a look at what you need to consider when applying for an Event Tent Permit
 Dec 14, 2022|View:521

Nowadays, there are various events around the world almost every day, and to provide a perfect place for these events, Event Tents often become the first choice.

Event Tent

However, permits are often required to use Event Tents in many places, starting with the specifications of the Event Tent, such as in Seaside, California, where permits are required if your tent is 200 square feet or more, and in Chicago, where permits are required for enclosed tents and open canopies over 400 square feet. In St. Louis, Missouri, for example, permits for tents 800 square feet or over 800 square feet require both a construction permit and a permit, while Chesapeake, Virginia, requires a permit for tents over 900 square feet. So before you plan your event, find out the requirements for setting up a tent in the city where you will be organizing your event.

Most permit applications are very simple. All you need to do is fill in the area where the Event Tent will be set up, the date of installation and dismantling, personal and organizational details, and tent specifications, including size, use, and furniture. In addition, you will need to include the following documents in your application.

(1) Fire certificate.

The fire retardant certificate of the Event Tent ensures that its fabric is fire retardant and that the fire retardant requirements should be following the specified fire retardant requirements, and it is the responsibility of the Event Tent supplier to provide you with this certificate;

(2) Engineering certification.

Most temporary structures need to be completed within a short period. Still, the potential safety problems caused by improper installation or manufacturing errors of Event Tents should not be overlooked, especially for Event Tents with large footprints or requiring additional support to ensure stability. Engineering certification ensures that your tent meets the safety standards set by industry bodies. Contact your canopy supplier if you plan to organize a large event. Depending on your specific requirements, you can apply for engineer certification or request a professional to perform a finite element analysis (FEA) and grant a certificate of compliance for your tent.

(3) Warranty and safety certificates.

Every Event Tent purchased from a tent supplier must come with safety precautions manual regarding tent assembly, installation, use, and dismantling. These guidelines were developed to ensure the safety of you and your installers. The licensing authority may rarely ask to see these documents, but it is still necessary to know the safety parameters and warranty terms established by the supplier.

This is what you need to consider when applying for a permit for an Event Tent. If you need more details, feel free to contact us!