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The principles that should be followed when arranging an Event Tent
 Nov 29, 2022|View:659

With the development of society, whether individuals or companies organize activities, almost all have abandoned the traditional indoor activities and used Event Tent. Traditional event halls in the area and layout often have certain restrictions, compared to the Event Tent in the specifications and types will have more choice and freedom, many exhibitions in the original exhibition venues will choose to rent a tent as a substitute for outdoor venues. Nowadays, the function of an Event Tent has gradually surpassed the traditional booth and can be presented in more ways outdoors, becoming a brand new space to show your corporate culture, strength, and value.

Event Tent

Event Tent in the arrangement of the four principles followed:

(1) Choose the booth. Not any corner in the Event Tent can be used as a booth, and we have to pick the booth that can flash the product. Generally, back to the side wall of the tent square table is a more suitable location that can also increase the hierarchy if necessary.

(2) Display mode. We need to choose the display method according to the characteristics of our products, such as window coverings and other textiles that need to be hung up will be more beautiful. Crafts are more suitable to be placed in the glass cabinet display. In contrast, some products need to be placed directly on display.

(3) The door of attraction. Access to the exhibition hall is the way for every customer to enter the exhibition hall. It will bring additional traffic to the booth if carefully planned at the entrance. Placing samples, product atlases, or brightly colored items in the import of the Event Tent to find ways to attract customers' eyes.

(4) Determine the color palette. During the exhibition period, we need to determine the color planning and skillfully use color matching inside and outside of the Event Tent to make the products and services launched by the company clearly in front of the customers' eyes.

When the exhibition hall area is not enough or needs outdoor exhibition space, the Event Tent is usually the first choice of temporary space because the exhibition cycle is usually relatively short. The specifications needed for each exhibition are not the same, so that the Event Tent can solve all the problems of the exhibition space at a low cost!

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