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How the Exhibition Tent should be arranged
 Nov 16, 2022|View:31

With the development of society, to meet the needs of people, exhibition activities of various industries have emerged. Compared with the previous way of finding a building site as an exhibition venue, people are more willing to use Exhibition Tents to save costs and improve convenience. However, the event exhibition needs to choose different types of tent styles. In our choice of a good tent, how to arrange it? As a professional Exhibition Tent manufacturer, we will explain to you in detail the arrangement method for Exhibition Tent.

Exhibition Tent

(1) First, determine the exhibition's theme and the development of the main color of the tent arrangement. According to the product design, choose the color of the canopy arrangement to match the color and design requirements of the product so that the canopy is more attractive, thus making the product stand out among peers.

(2)proper space planning inside the exhibition canopy, design according to the size and shape of the booth space, product decoration, and the best-selling products placed in the most conspicuous position to attract the audience's eyes better.

(3)Unique style of the Exhibition Tent: The tent arrangement's unique style will attract the visitors' eyes and show their unique company culture and product preferences, which can effectively increase sales.

The method of choosing exhibition canopy.

(1)Choose the tent's area according to the number of exhibitors. It is very important to leave enough area for exhibitors to place their exhibits and leave space for people to walk and move around. Therefore, the organizers must make efforts in personnel statistics and forecasts.

(2) choose a high-quality canopy. Suppose the quality of the canopy is not up to par when the exhibition encounters rainy weather. In that case, it will not only fail to play the public utility of sheltering from the wind and rain but also cause harm to the exhibitors' goods and personnel.

(3)Choose an exhibition theme consistent with the tent. If there are a lot of exhibitors, we can choose an A-type large-span tent. If the exhibition's theme is luxury or high-end products, we can choose a spherical tent or spire tent.

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