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The difference between Arcum Tent and other tents
 Nov 09, 2022|View:884

In addition to the Arcum Tent, the Tent has a variety of different appearance shapes, and its characteristics and the applicable scene are also different. Let's explain the difference between Arcum Tentand other tents in detail.

1. Arcum Tent

Arcum Tentis a kind of arcuate effect that can be achieved by pre-bending an inclined beam of the roof on the basis of a pointed roof and reasonable application of design elements of Chinese traditional architecture. The Arcum Tentlooks very special in appearance, just like a rainbow house. The arc-shaped roof has beautiful lines, the arc-top lines are well designed, the parts are interchangeable, and the arc-top can be converted into a herringbone with flexibility, the canopy can be designed to extend the eaves, giving us a flexible and usable space, more sense of the times.

arcum tent

2. A peaked roof

The pointed-roof tent is a kind of small tent, because of its unique and foreign appearance design, often used in wedding activities. In addition to the use of a single roof, it can also be connected with the sink to form a larger area, forming a unique shape, in outdoor applications shine.

3. Polygonal Tent

Polygonal Tent is an advanced design concept with a solid structure and wind resistance of 100km-120KM/hour. It is ideal for large storage, large concerts, high-end exhibitions, event parties, etc. . Polygonal Tent is a new style Tent, designed in European style, a fashionable, beautiful, and elegant Polygonal appearance, high and wide indoor space, which can meet the special design requirements of guests. Strong wind resistance, safety, and stability. It is also one of the most popular products at present.

4. Peach awning

Peach-shaped tent is a new tent series, since its debut, its unique and beautiful appearance and as always high quality have won the majority of domestic and foreign customers. The peach-shaped awning has a unique shape compared to the traditional peaked awning and is designed to provide 100% of the interior space. Curved-shaped tents can be used as temporary or permanent buildings, with higher snow resistance.

Meister arcum tentis made of a highly reinforced aluminum frame and waterproof PVC covers. The characteristics of the arcum tentinclude a good-looking structure with a beautiful roof line and a lot of space inside the tent. Usually, people prefer to use glass walls, ABS walls, and sandwich walls on the Arch tent so that it can provide a more comfortable environment. With its arch shape, the arcum tentis widely used for outdoor events, temporary showrooms, and sports.