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Industrial storage tents solve many problems for enterprises
 May 30, 2022|View:633

Today, China's economy has developed rapidly, which cannot be separated from the support of many production-oriented enterprises. As an enterprise, when faced with a large number of business needs, it also faces enterprise expansion, including the preparation of storage space. Industrial storage tent, as a new assembled tent product, its emergence has solved many storage problems for many enterprises. What advantages does it have?

First, the size is variable and can be customized

Meister tent manufacturers can provide customers with custom tent services. We can provide any size of the warehouse that the company needs to avoid waste or empty warehouses. The span of conventional tents ranges from 3 to 50 meters, and the length can be extended infinitely in multiples of 3 or 5 meters. Even large enterprises can meet their requirements, which is very fast and convenient.

No complicated approval procedures required

Meister's industrial storage tents do not have high requirements for the construction environment, and generally flat ground can be easily constructed. And compared with traditional concrete construction products, industrial tents do not need too complicated approval procedures, and the construction period is short, and they can be put into use in a short time.

Guaranteed safety and stability

At present, the frame profiles of industrial storage tent products are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is safe and stable, and can withstand 8-10 winds. The tarpaulin uses double-sided coated PVC cloth, which has the properties of wind resistance, rain resistance, sun protection and flame retardancy, and its service life is not less than 5 years. Therefore, it is unnecessary to worry about the safety and stability of industrial tent products.

Meister introduces German technology and is equipped with professional equipment to comprehensively control the quality and safety of tents. Welcome to consult and buy.