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What can the tent help us in the epidemic prevention work?
 May 30, 2022|View:627

2020 is an extraordinary year. At the beginning of the new year, people across the country ushered in a war without gunpowder-the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Difficulties on one side, resources on all sides. Through various news recently, we can learn that various materials have arrived in Wuhan, Hubei in succession. For the front line of the epidemic, the materials will be piled up like a mountain. Faced with this phenomenon, what can the tent help us?

Tent is a temporary outdoor equipment that can solve the problem of temporary storage of items in time. For things like fighting against the epidemic, it is not realistic to temporarily construct traditional fixed warehouse buildings to store materials. Time does not allow us to do so, so the construction of temporary storage tents has played a big role at this time.

Unlike ordinary field tents, all warehouse tents are made of aluminum alloy as a frame, which is beautiful in appearance, resistant to wind and rain, strong and durable, and can be completed and put into use in a short period of time, effectively protecting all Storage of emergency materials.

In addition, we all know that temporary quarantine inspection points have been set up at various high-speed intersections, important hubs, and even important checkpoints in rural communities across the country. In this case, we can choose security tent products as temporary quarantine space, the size can be selected according to our needs, not only to ensure the safety of staff, but also to quickly dismantle and recycle in later stages.

In summary, tents play an important role in the national epidemic prevention of new crown virus, and can be used in many places. Of course, tents can also be used for weddings, sports, conventions and other activities in addition to storage, security and other purposes. In the next time, the Meister tent will work overtime and strive to quickly enter production after resumption of work in order to better serve the market and customers.