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Why tents are chosen over traditional concrete structure warehouses?
 Sep 02, 2023|View:1096

Nowadays, many factories will choose to use aluminium storage tents instead of traditional poured concrete warehouses. Why is this exactly?There are some main reasons.

One of the reasons is that the structure of the truck tent is relatively high

Since traditional warehouses require a series of expenses such as cement, bricks, labor, etc., there will be costs.One might think that aluminium storage tents do not have a long service life. However, with the continuous improvement of production technology, the use of high-strength aluminum alloy frames in warehouse tents has increased, and their lifespan can reach up to more than 20 years. Therefore, it is a good choice to build an aluminium alloy storage tent.

The second reason is that aluminium alloy tents are quick to erect

It may take about 3 months to erect a concrete structure building. But it only takes a few days to erect an aluminium alloy storage tent. Many companies will face the problem of storage, in order to solve this problem in the shortest possible time, it is a very wise choice to choose aluminium alloy storage tents. Only need to be equipped with enough personnel and equipment, a day can set up at least 1500 square metres of aluminium alloy storage tent.


In addition to the above two reasons, aluminium alloy storage tents can replace warehouses because it also ensures the perfect use of space. Since there are no pillars in the internal space of the aluminium alloy storage tent, the utilization rate of the internal area can reach 100%. Such unobstructed storage space is very conducive to the movement of storage personnel and transport vehicles.