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Why choose Meister warehouse tent?
 Aug 14, 2023|View:550

Many businesses are faced with a variety of industrial and warehousing space needs. In order to address the space needs of various industries, Meister Tent can quickly provide space solutions to solve the challenges of businesses.

Free and flexible inner space

Industrial tents are modular temporary structures that are generally designed with a A-shape tent and have no restrictions on length. The strutless interior of the tent enables a free layout of the site. The length direction can also be changed at any time to the size of the change, the flexibility is very good.

Quick Installation

The modular design meets the characteristics of fast erection without welding and cutting. Thousands of square metres can be erected in one day. Facing different ground environments, the requirements of industrial tents are not high, and they can be installed on concrete, grass, mud, and even uneven ground. This is one of the reasons why industrial tents are so popular.

Wide range of applications
As a green building, the lighting of industrial tents is very good.PVC cover fabric has opaque, semi-transparent, fully transparent three kinds of tarpaulin options. It can effectively solve the cost of power consumption. Transparent doors and windows can also be used on both sides of the canopy to increase the light level and make the indoor environment brighter.