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What's a Clear Span Tent?
 Aug 10, 2022|View:589

The Clear Span Tent is a frame structure that has no internal poles to support it. These multi-purpose tents can be re-marked or re-marked, depending on site requirements.

There are several benefits to choosing Clear Span Tent. One of the most important is the flexibility of the design, which allows you to maximize the use of Clear Span Tent interior space, perfect for holding a variety of activities. Not only is the interior space beautiful, but the open space, from the wedding ceremony to the performance, is free of space restrictions. It also has a solid structural concept that can provide people with safety protection in bad weather, while maintaining the flexibility of a portable structure.

Clear Span Tent

Clear Span Tent also gives you more freedom in your location choices. This design structure can be set up next to a building, a parking lot, or almost anywhere to prepare for your mobile. The size typically ranges in width from 13 to 60 meters, while the length can be almost unlimited to suit your activity needs.

These Clear Span tents are designed to withstand sustained winds up to 7 mph. Don't worry about bad weather affecting your good things, the open interior space is your palette to create the atmosphere of your dreams.

Most importantly, it also has the advantage of climate control. It's easier to choose a Clear Span Tent and keep the temperature comfortable no matter what the season, whether you need to provide warmth or coolness. If you want your campaign to be successful, it's wise to choose Clear Span Tent.

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