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Are industrial storage tents recyclable?
 May 30, 2022|View:497

For enterprises in the industrial industry, with the continuous growth of business volume, the demand for storage space is also increasing. The industrial storage tent is such a temporary building on demand. Compared with traditional concrete buildings, it has a lot of advantages such as flexibility and convenience. It can provide storage space for enterprises in a timely manner and effectively solve enterprise storage. problem. So, is such an industrial storage tent a recyclable product and can it be recycled later?

All Meister's industrial tent products use aluminum alloy as the main profile, and aluminum alloy has the advantages of corrosion resistance, safety and stability. Even after disassembly, it can continue to be recycled. The service life is not less than 20 years. Adopt double-sided coated PVC knife scraping cloth, which has the characteristics of waterproof and sun protection, flame retardant, self-cleaning, etc. It can also be recycled in the later period, and the service life is not less than 5 years. The combination of aluminum alloy frame and PVC cloth is very beautiful and generous, and the maintenance costs in the later period are also very low. There is almost no loss, which is also a benefit for the enterprise.

Industrial storage tents are easy to set up and do not have high requirements on the ground. Generally flat ground can be easily constructed, such as asphalt, concrete, grass, concrete, etc. Even for unbreakable ground, different fixing methods can be adopted. The correct use of industrial storage tents is very important for enterprises. It is with this attitude that Meister tents are customizing safe tent products for customers to meet their needs. If necessary, please contact us.