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The advantages and uses of Church Tent
 Sep 15, 2022|View:12

The Church Tentis made of an aluminum frame with a white PVC roof. The walls can be white PVC with floor-to-ceiling windows, glass panels, sandwich panels, or ABS panels with glass doors.

The Church Tentcan be fixed on the different ground (such as concrete, grass, sand, etc.) with different fixing fittings such as expansion screws, steel anchors, counterweights, etc. . It can be used in very cold or hot weather from -30 to 70 degrees.

Since the Church Tenthas no poles inside, there is plenty of space. It can be fixed permanently or semi-permanently in one place and is suitable for church activities, church fairs, and other activities.

Church Tent

The advantages of Church Tentare as follows:

1. Modular design, tents can be expanded or disassembled into small tents.

2. Easy to assemble and disassemble from one place to another.

3. No Rod inside, 100% available space.

4. The aluminum frame never rusts and has a service life of more than 15 years.

5. PVC cover board waterproof, fireproof, service life 6-8 years.

6. can be used in harsh environments.

The above are the advantages and uses of Church Tent. If you want to purchase a suitable Church Tent, please contact us to provide your needs, and we will develop a reasonable solution for you.